October 2012 Update

by betinah on October 5, 2012

Well, October is here and the Garden Players program is really getting in the swing of things.

Classes are officially closed so if your friends are interested in joining, remind them to join the mailing list as a prospective student, and they will get an email before the next semester about registration opportunities.  We do allow new students to join in January if there is space, but the most likely time for new students to join is in September of 2013.

All classes have been working on acting improvisation including Status and Age exercises, bringing attention to relationship, details, and trust.  They have also been working on their musical theater songs and vocal technique.

Rising Stars has successfully staged “I Won’t Grow Up” and is also working on a scene leading into “Tender Shepherd” from the musical Peter Pan.  I was lucky enough to see Peter Pan on Broadway when I was about 4 years old since my Dad played the trumpet in the Broadway pit orchestra, and I listened to the record every evening, singing along.  I played Peter Pan with the Garden Players in the year 2000, which is how I ended up taking over the program from Susan Fischoff when she retired.  It’s always a big hit, and I’m looking forward to working on these songs and scenes with the Rising Stars.

Garden Players 1 is a feisty group having a lot of fun and working on the same songs and exercises as the older classes, so they are being challenged quite a bit.  They are working on improving their focus so that they can move quickly between our exercises and acting games and they can perform intense emotions and character choices without laughing… quite a difficult undertaking and all the difference!

Garden Players 2 and Garden Players 3 are both working on their long form improvisations and on songs from Newsies.  Seize the Day is being choreographed and our kids are more excited about dancing than I’ve seen them before.

Our GP3 class has jumped right in to challenging improv work including the Harold long form improv structure and since we also have 8th graders auditioning for the performing arts schools we will be handing out monologues very soon for them to work on and bring in to the class.

I’m looking forward to introducing new songs and theater games this Friday.

See you all there,

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