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Online Sharing for Spring 2020

Featured Moments Garden Players Online Sharing Spring 2020 YouTube Playlist

All Spring 2020 Sharing Songs YouTube Playlist

Friday Rising Stars Spring 2020 (1-2nd grade) YouTube Playlist

Tuesday Rising Stars Spring 2020 (1-2nd grade) YouTube Playlist

Tuesday Dragons Spring 2020 (3-5th grade) YouTube Playlist

Friday Dragons Spring 2020 (3-5th grade) YouTube Playlist

Tuesday Garden Players Spring 2020 (4th-8th grade) YouTube Playlist

Friday Garden Players Spring 2020 (4th-8th grade) YouTube Playlist

Summer Classes Update (June 29th)

Fun Broadway Facts, Throwback Thursdays, Summer Classes and more…

Want a little more Garden Players theater education and fun in your summer? I am recharged and ready to inspire and be inspired by you!
Fun Fact: If you have Disney Plus, you can watch Hamilton, the film version of the hit Broadway show starting this Friday, July 3rd. It’s on my calendar! Check it out here.
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4-4:30pm Acting Improv
4:30-5pm Play Readings, Monologues & Scenes
5-5:30pm Writing Our Own Monologues & Scenes
5:30-6pm Singing & Songwriting

Class Dates:
Session 1: July 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
Session 2: August 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

Private Lessons (spots still available)
Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays:
Guitar, Piano, Voice, Garage Band Recording, Monologues, H.S. Audition Preparation, Writing

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If you have any other suggestions, let us know!
Wishing you cool summer breezes, theatrical thrills, and so many songs,

Summer Classes – Let Us Know Your Interest or Suggestions (June 3rd)

Parents have been asking if we will be doing anything during the summer this year.

Take a survey to let me know about your interests and comments.

I (Betina) usually take the summer off from Garden Players to tour with my band. Since all touring and performances have been cancelled, and I believe in-person summer camps and classes will be cancelled, I would love to offer online summer classes to lift us all up and develop our artistry. This survey will give me an idea of your preferences. You are not committing to anything by filling out this form, but you can certainly let me know your level of interest, preferred schedule and classes that inspire you the most. I would love to keep our Garden Players kids learning confidence, self expression, technique and connected in whatever way works for our community.

I am considering these options:

– Acting Improv

– Monologue and Scene writing and performing, along with cold readings of monologues, scenes and plays

– Online Performance of The Show Must Go Online (we’ve learned the song, but there is a whole show featuring solos and monologues for each character)

– Recording in Garage Band

– Private voice lessons (work on technique, ear training, warm-ups, songs, plus the option to record and perfect your singing using Garage Band)

– Private guitar lessons

– Private piano lessons

– Private Ukulele lessons

– Band class

Take a survey to let me know about your interests and comments.

Monday, April 6, 2020 Update (COVID-19 FAQS below)

It’s been really wonderful to see everyone who has been able to make it during our Zoom weekly classes. If you still need help getting online or have any questions, have any suggestions, please reach out!

Our shelter-in-place has been extended through the end of April and it is likely to go longer. We are committed to completing the full school year of classes, continuing our creativity and our theater community.

Unless our shelter-in-place status changes, in place of our Sunday rehearsal times, we will extend our weekday online classes. We added one week of extra class during Spring break, and our  classes are extended through the end of May to the middle of June.

Our final class for Tuesday GP will be June 16th.
Our final class for Tuesday Rising Stars will be June 2nd.
Our final class for Friday GP will be June 19th.
Our final class for Friday RS will be June 5th.

In place of our usual May show, we are brainstorming a variety of ways to share videos of our work online through an unlisted YouTube channel. We have been creating character development monologues with the actors, working on our scenes and songs, and will explore the best way to share. We are also exploring a new online show called The Show Must Go Online, and other exciting opportunities.

Enjoy some wonderful theater and arts online resources on our website: Online Learning

Try our FREE parent/child acting improv class each Wednesday, 4:30-5:30. (Email me for registration info).

Applaud all First Responders and Essential Workers at 7pm! Show your appreciation and bond with neighbors by stepping outside or opening a window and applauding!

Please keep in touch, keep asking questions, and offer any suggestions you may have!

Let’s keep on supporting each other through creativity and bravery now more than ever!

Betina & Garden Players

Monday, March 30 – Garden Players: COVID-19 Updates and FAQS 

In the midst of this unprecedented crisis, we are coming together to figure out how to best support the families we serve, our employees, and each other. Our goal is to successfully confront the challenges we are facing now, so we can offer our services for many years to come.

Will my class or lesson be available online? Yes! We are offering online lessons and classes for all Garden Players students–private lessons, bands and group classes, little kids, big kids and adults. Weekday classes are already happening on Zoom. If your usual time or day doesn’t work, please feel free to reach out so you can join a different time or day. We have also created Google Classrooms with videos of all of Rising Stars and Garden Players songs as well as with acting assignments. Sunday rehearsals are currently delayed as we brainstorm out a new rehearsal schedule and will be online soon.

What if I can’t do an online class or lesson? Please contact Betina at gardenplayerstheater@gmail.com to discuss. We will work with you to find a solution.  As of now we are working with live Zoom classes and Google Classrooms, but if there is another way you’d prefer, such as YouTube videos of class content you can access easily at any time, please let us know.

Will there be a credit or refund for missed lessons or classes? Garden Players is committed to completing the full school year of lessons/classes/rehearsals. Tuition covers a minimum of 12 weeks per semester, and the schedule has a built-in buffer to cover one to two unplanned closures, as well as additional classes available for you to schedule make-up classes. If Garden Players needs to cancel more than two weeks of classes, we will extend the school year by one or two weeks to make up cancelled classes.

What about the Sunday rehearsal fee? Will there be a credit or refund for missed rehearsals? Garden Players is committed to completing the rehearsal schedule by extending our weekly sessions through June. The rehearsal fee for Garden Players 1-3 covers a minimum of 6 rehearsals, and for the Rising Stars a minimum of 2 rehearsals. Unless our shelter-in-place status changes, in place of our Sunday rehearsal times, we will extend our weekday online classes.

Our final class for Tuesday GP will be June 16th.
Our final class for Tuesday Rising Stars will be June 2nd.
Our final class for Friday GP will be June 19th.
Our final class for Friday RS will be June 5th.

Will we still have a show? Yes, we are dedicated to creating a show experience, even if it means creating an online or video edited show experience. Most likely there will still be restrictions to meeting in public. If it looks like meetings are possible by June, we can hold a staged reading of our musical. This would not be a fully choreographed and staged show, but would be similar to Broadway readings performed for audiences with less rehearsal time. Otherwise, we look forward to creating an online or recorded show that we can show such as a radio show or a video edited together from what our students send us. We are open to show format suggestions as we creatively brainstorm. We are also considering The Show Must Go Online, a new online musical by Beat by Beat Press.

When will Garden Players reopen for in-person learning? We will continue to monitor the situation, as well as recommendations from the CDC and city and state departments of health, to determine when to re-open. The church building will also need to open.

Will you send more updates? Yes! We are working hard to communicate regularly. Please check emails from Garden Players, Google Classrooms, and our website for updates.

How can Garden Players support you during this difficult time? We are teachers, writers, composers, creators, and community connectors. If there is a way that our talents can brighten your day, let us know. If there is a class you want to see put into action at a time that you really want, reach out. If you want one on one coaching, lessons, assignments, or anything else we can devote our talents to, reach out! Visit our online learning page for additional links and resources. And send us your wishes and ideas! We want to know how we can help you!

How can I support Garden Players during this time? Our world changed due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. With this came a harsh reality for many in our industry, including our small staff, that of a financial hardship that we will all be feeling for quite some time. We are doing our part to create action plans to ensure that Garden Players can survive this interruption and reopen fully when the time is right.

For now, with humble hearts, we ask any of our supporters who have the means to contribute. If you’re unable to give financial support, spread the word and spread the love in whatever way you can.

  1. We will be running our Garden Players support Zelle fund throughout the duration of our closure. This fund will be distributed between all of our staff members who express a need. You can support us through Zelle using gardenplayerstheater@gmail.com.
  2. Please consider supporting our teachers through private classes private and small group classes with one of our pianists or teachers.  Schedule a private piano lesson with Yurina Shin, Chie Monoe, a music lesson (guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, bass, drums) from Nick Russo, or an audition preparation acting lesson, vocal, piano, or guitar lesson with Betina Hershey. Group classes also available on request: band class, acting improvisation, parent and child small group improv, monologue work, scene work, H.S. audition preparation.

How else can I help during this time? Give and get help at the NYC.gov/helpnownyc website. Text COVID to 692-692 to get NYC updates or text HELP to 692-692 to receive help.

Please be patient as we transition through this new reality. We are counting on your understanding, support, and flexibility, so that we can continue to serve you for many years.


Betina & Garden Players Artists