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Classroom Materials:

We are online! Class Material is now available through our Zoom Meetings and Google Classrooms! Make sure you join us there for assignments, videos, and connecting with the class! See our online learning page for even more links to online content to help you grow!

Registration Fall 2020

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Garden Players Registration Form: Garden Players Registration Form 2019-20 updated Jan 3
Band Class Registration Form: Registration Form & Schedule 2019-20 (Band Class)
(Registration form also includes the photo/video release form, an extra info page, and the Fall/Spring schedule)

Every school year classes begin the last week of September or the first week of October. Half way through the year you may also join for the second semester, but 3-8th graders would need to join early during the January dates leading up to the 2nd semester in order for us to meet you before finishing  the original script. You may bring the forms in or mail forms along with Payment to:  Attn:  Betina Hershey, Church in the Gardens, 50 Ascan Ave, Forest Hills, NY 11375 (Please also send an email to gardenplayerstheater @ gmail . com with your basic info:  Actor Name, Grade, Parent Name, Phone, Email, so we can add you to the list and watch for your registration materials.) 

Schedule: The Schedule is available to view as a beautiful Google Calendar on the Schedule Page. You can also Join for Schedule updates straight to your preferred calendar. Make sure to choose notifications (click here for instructions on how to use notifications). You may also download the pdf of the Garden Players Schedule 2019-20 updated Jan 3. For the band class schedule see above Registration Form & Schedule 2019-20 (Band Class).

2nd Semester Sunday Rehearsals & Show Commitment

When putting on a show, we are teaching the children discipline, dedication to others, teamwork, a love of the arts, ability to express themselves, and how to make a serious commitment. The kids all work so hard. Please take your side of this commitment seriously. Be on time and be prepared for your actor to attend Sunday rehearsals March-May, the full mandatory Dress & Tech rehearsals, and to discuss any schedule issues with us before committing to the 2nd semester.


Rising Stars (1-2nd graders) is $360 per semester due in September and January, with an additional $60 Sunday rehearsal fee due in March.

Garden Players (3rd-9th graders) is $405 per semester, due in September and January, with an additional $140 Sunday rehearsal fee due in March.


Additional Costs/Info To Keep In Mind:

We ask you to donate your time and talents to help with sets, costumes, props, sound, playbill, fliers… anything you are skilled at… so that we can put together a stunning May production. Join us for the fun and the excitement of bringing imagination to life!

DVDs of the May Show can be purchased for $35 from Sara Pettinella/little comb productions (Our gift to you will be a free unpublished link to a video of your show on YouTube.) Here is the Little Comb Productions DVD order form 2018

Tickets ($15 per seat, going on sale the last week of April. Tickets are numbered, so it helps to order them the first week they go on sale.)

Rehearsal Fee ($130 for GP, $50 for RS, will be due the first week of March).

The playbill is gorgeous and many people wish to put a photo and words into the playbill either for their actor or for their business. Warm Wishes & Playbill Ads: For Businesses or People wishing their actor well. (Due in April)
Full page – $120
Half page – $60
Quarter page – $40

Show Materials for our 2019 show will be in a Dropbox folder once available.

DVD or Blueray For Past Shows

Go to our video page to order your video of past Garden Players shows from Frank Melli Productions or Sara Pettinella / little comb productions . If you did not pick it up from us or receive them in the mail yet, let us know.