Garden Players Musical Theater For Kids

Looking for creative original musicals performed by kids? Want to see what our Garden Players musical theater kids have been rehearsing? Curious to see what we’re all about?

Original Music and Theater

High quality, creative original musicals performed by kids!

Our concerts and original musicals, inspired by Garden Players kids and premiered first right here in Forest Hills, have gone on to be published with over 2,000 performances in more than 65 countries. We have live and video on demand performances available, as well as shows that your school or theater group can license and perform.

Our History

For more than 100 years, Garden Players has inspired unforgettable memories in the Forest Hills community. Garden Players has been around since 1916. Since 2002, under the direction of Betina Hershey, children have taken the spotlight with the chance to inspire and participate in the development of original musicals that have gone on to be published with over 2,000 performances in more than 65 countries.

Theater Classes Inspire Confidence and Creativity

Young creatives are guided towards their full potential by the enthusiasm and know-how of professional performers and musicians. Your child can become a skilled and innovative performing artist, a cultured arts lover, learn the benefits of practice, develop a sense of grit, and experience the joy of finding self worth. Don’t leave your creative child to flounder. Say yes to a braver future with fellow artists! No previous acting or singing experience required. Giggling guaranteed!

Why Theater? Theater arts are vital for self expression, enrichment, and brain development.”

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Clients Testimonial

JP Freeley

I'm so happy that Garden Players is coming back to our neighborhood this Fall! Such a wonderful program which encourages kids to dig deep and express their talents, bravery, creativity and to find their voice amongst their peers! Cheers to Betina Hershey for fearlessly leading the way and forging ahead. Betina, the program's.

Alexis Pisciotta

This was my 12 year old daughter’s first big performance and my family’s first experience with Garden Players. We were so impressed with it all! The play, the music, the sets- everything. We attended both shows and what a treat it was. To see these kids get up there and do it was so amazing. In this day and age where everything is so.


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