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Learn how to manage a small theater school and performance group, help with ticketing, emails, calendars, reaching out to press and more.

Help with social media and blog posts for a few hours per week.

Help as an assistant teacher Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 3pm-7pm and Sundays March-May 1-5pm.

Volunteer With Us

Parents/Guardians/Friends, Garden Players puts on original musicals and every production is a community theater endeavor. The professionalism we reach would not be possible without your support and your creativity.

Areas include Fundraising, Playbill, Sets, Costumes, Props, Backstage, Fliers, Photography, Food for the Crew, Clean-up, and more.

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Volunteer Hours and Info 2022-2023

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Current Jobs Available

  1. Music Director
  2. Assistant Teacher
  3. Musical Theater Teacher & Director
  4. Office Assistant
  5. Social Media Advisor

Join Our Committee

As we move from under the umbrella of a mother Non-Profit organization and look to create our own Non-Profit organization, we welcome anyone interested to join us. We especially welcome help

Lawyer – Help us create a Non-Profit organization

Accountant/CPA – Help us with the intricacies of book keeping a Non-Profit.

Board Member – Help spread our vision, fundraise, and make a vital impact. We are seeking board members who value and understand the impact of local theater, original works, and will help continue to develop our legacy.