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January Concert

January 8th

A Garden Players Benefit Concert

Garden Players professional musicians, current students, and alumni gather to put on an inspiring concert full of originals. Featuring songs from We Are Monsters, as well as The Scooches songs. 

We’ll be raising money for our May musical. Pencil in the date!

3pm – Red Cast (Friday Classes)

5pm – Blue Cast (Tuesday Classes)

Garden Players Theater at The Community House

May 20 & 21st

Our May Musical (Switch It Off / or something new!)

Every year we put on a Garden Players original musical. Featuring our Garden Players kids, a professional band, our fully staged and choreographed musical will delight all ages.

We can’t wait to see you there! Pencil in the date!

May 20th: 4:30pm – Red Cast (Friday Classes); 7:30pm – Blue Cast (Tuesday Classes)

May 21st: 2pm – Red Cast (Friday Classes); 5pm – Blue Cast (Tuesday Classes)

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Your Turn

A Super-Powered (Earth Saving) Musical by Betina Hershey, Gwynne Watkins & Sunny Knable

What happens when the heroes can’t be found, the villains can’t be trusted, and the sidekicks aren’t quite enough? Find out in this silly and poignant musical about working together to help the planet! Will the penguins get saved? Who will stop the glacier from melting? Can the sidekicks get the superheroes back? Will the citizens of 9the world do something before it’s too late? And what are you doing just sitting there in the audience?  Filled with catchy, clever songs and memorable characters,Your Turn is an original show for child performers that speaks to the power inside all of us to make a difference.

Find out! Watch our red cast Garden Players’ May 22nd, 2022 performance.

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Switch It Off

by Betina Hershey & Sunny Knable

What happens when adults have chips in their brains? They are smarter, faster, and remember more… but when the chips stop working, it’s up to the kids to figure out how to get their parents back to normal. 


Moral: Technology is great, in moderation. Use it wisely. And don’t forget to switch it off.


Enjoy 5 minute sneak peak of the writers and actors.

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