November 2012 Update Stephanie Fittro Special Guest Hurricane Sandy

This November we have a Broadway Performer and fabulous director, Stephanie Fittro, coming in as our Special Guest Nov 16th.

We will miss 2 classes this month due to the Church Bazaar and Thanksgiving.

Practicing at home will be very helpful this month so that you don’t forget all of the excellent work you’ve put in.  Our downloads page should help you with viewing Youtube versions of the songs and with copies of the lyrics.  If you do need to take a copy home from class, just ask.  I want you to have every opportunity to review the songs and scenes we’ve selected.

Hurricane Sandy made our November 2nd class smaller than usual although many of our students are within walking distance and made it to class Nov 2nd after the hurricane where we reviewed our songs and then concentrated on acting improvisations both imaginative and based in the realities around us.

Hurricane Sandy also left our teacher Denver Casado without power for a week since he is a resident of the lower east side in Manhattan.  Luckily he did evacuate to friends in Harlem and now he is back in his apartment which was high up enough to avoid the flooding his first floor neighbors faced.

My Hurricane Sandy relief efforts:  I put together two bags of baby clothes and warm winter jackets and left it at Church in the Gardens where they are collecting warm clothing items to bring to shelters in need.  This Thursday morning I intend to go with a couple of friends and entertain the children at a shelter in Jamaica.

Our Garden Players November Schedule looks like this:

Nov 2 – in the wake of Hurricane Sandy we did some excellent work with the students who were able to attend

Nov 9 – no class due to the Church Bazaar

Nov 16 – Class with a SPECIAL GUEST

Nov 23 – no class due to Thanksgiving

Nov 30 – Class getting ready for our Sharing Day on December 21st

Much love to everyone, and do let us know if you  need anything,