Summer Update 2013

Dear Garden Players,

I’m in Asheville, North Carolina, spending some alone time while my husband and kids hang out with relatives in Tennessee.  It’s a rare day when I have time like this now that I am a Mom of twins, and as a teacher and an artist, I crave time alone to let ideas percolate and to dig in to my creativity.

I’m looking forward to a new school year working with Sunny Knable as our new accompanist.  He’s excited to be with us and I know you’ll love him.

I had a wonderful goodbye diner with my long time collaborator Denver Casado before my last gig at Epistrophe Cafe, and then both of us hit the road… me to visit family and friends… Denver to go on a cross-country Beat by Beat Press tour and then to relocate himself in San Francisco, a city I know and love and will surely be visiting soon.

This year I look forward to a semester of theatre games, songs, and innovation, to possibly writing something with Sunny for our January Benefit, and to the possibility of revising Space Pirates for our big show in May.  But as all artists know, ideas keep flowing and changing, and until we dive in and get started, who knows what this new year will bring.

Much love,


Garden Players Artistic Director