Thanksgiving Tongue Twisters, Conducted Story and Poetry Game

Are you gathering in person with family and friends? Are you still going to reach out over Zoom or FaceTime to friends and family who can’t be there with you?

Either way, there are some really fun ways to get creative with family and friends. Tongue Twisters and Acting Improv can be fun for all ages! Add in the poetry game for in person gatherings and you’ll be in stitches!

Tongue Twisters

Try some tongue twisters for a lot of laughs!

Who can say it 5 times really fast?

This year’s original twisters:

1. Thinking thankful thoughts on Thanksgiving

2. Gratefully I gobble goodies with Gabby

One for the ages:

*Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

Last year’s twisters:

1. Pete passed pumpkin pie pieces perfectly.

2. Giant greedy gobblers grabbed goodies gluttonously.

3. Betty baked a better batch of buttered biscuits.

Tongue twisters are also fun to create. Hold a tongue twister challenge to see who can create the trickiest tongue twister. Keep to the theme or branch out to new themes.

Poetry  Game

Sit around the table. Each of you needs a pencil and a paper.

Step one: Everyone write one word
Example: Thanks

Step two: Pass the paper to the person on your left.

Step three: Everyone reads the word on the paper. Then they start a new line, this time with one extra word. In this case it will be two words.
Example: I give

Step Four: Fold the paper so that only your new line is showing.

Repeat Step 2-4 until you have reached the amount of words on your line that is one more than the number of people.
Example: If you are 4 people, you have reached 5 words on your line.

Switch To One Less: Continue Step 2, but Step Three is now in reverse, with each line being one less than the previous line until you reach one word again.

Step Five: Unfold your paper and read your poem.
Example Poem: (If you are 4 people, each line is one more until you get to 5, and then one less.)
1: Thanks
2: I give
3: Chocolate chip cookies
4: Yummy! I want more!
5: Eating makes me gleefully full
4: Just no moldy cheese
3: Throw it out
2: No clutter
1: Clean

Conducted Story

Conducted Story, one of my favorites, gets everyone thinking on their feet. It can get pretty zanny. Take a story adventure together!

Use these prompts:
Once upon a time there was a…
Who wanted… (make sure you use the name and character description as often as possible)
And in the end…

Feel free to add in:
They learned that…
And they all decided…
So from that time on…

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Betina Hershey loves inspiring creativity and bravery through acting, singing, movement and writing. 

Professional Educator & Director of Garden Players Musical Theater for Kids, Betina attended LaGuardia H.S. of the Performing Arts as a Dance Major and Helen Tamaris Award Winner and coached many students through the years who also attended. After H.S. she got her BFA in Acting from Marymount Manhattan College and has a long Professional Performing resume including Meg in Phantom of the Opera, Principle Performer in Feature Films: Disney’s Enchanted, Mona Lisa Smile. She is also a Professional Writer with Musicals published by Beat by Beat Press and performed in 32 countries all over the world. Her album Get Us Out Of Fearland was #2 on the International DJ Charts.