Boredom Can Lead To Your Best Writing

Summer can be the perfect time to write a play, a monologue, a scene, a story or a musical! All the extra time for boredom is great for our brains, and that’s where real creativity starts stirring!

New to writing? There is no right or wrong way to get yourself writing as long as you find time.

Jot your ideas down.

Make lists.

Record your voice.

Use the news.

Escape the news!

Create fantasy.

Use details from your life.

Escape your life!

Read plays! (I recommend checking out

Let your imagination run wild.

Type your ideas on a keyboard, scribble on scrap paper, use a clipboard, use a notebook.

Dive right into your story with the most suspenseful or exciting first line you can think of.

Ease into your story by having your character introduce themselves.

Find your favorite method and stick to it, writing at the same time every day, or keep changing, trying new ideas, new times and places to write.

And when you’re ready to type it up, Make Your Script Look Professional.