Performance Skills

Auditioning For Vocal and Drama High Schools in NYC

Auditioning for Performing Arts High Schools in NYC has always been an exciting and challenging prospect. Parents wonder how to help their kids prepare. Do they need classes, private lessons, guidance? Every kid is different. At this age they can do a lot on their own, so if they are dedicated and have a strong vision, let them run with it. Just make sure their choices fit the requirements.

Acting Game for Kids to Unlock Creative Bravery

Have you seen shy kids struggling to share their full essence in life and on the stage? Often even outgoing kids hold back, afraid of being too overdramatic and embarrassing themselves. This keeps kids from sharing their full range of emotions and from becoming the actors they are anxious to become. Maybe they mumble their lines or they hang their head and hide their faces? Maybe they try to be such serious actors that they end up muted and hesitant?

Simple Rounds Teach Harmony

I love rounds! I’ve been teaching rounds since I started teaching music! They are simple and complex at the same time. There are some really funny rounds, inspiring, robust, and achingly sad rounds. What makes rounds so deeply thrilling is the way a simple melody sung at different times can turn into gorgeous harmony!